Spam Bites. And I Ain’t Talking Hormel

I guess the awful thing about blogging is that even the most simple unassuming blog can end up with vile spammers selling their sex enhancements while trying to find a presence on your blog page. I hated that. Having only 3-4 blogs, but at least that many comments on each that were about something malicious made me stop for a while.

But my ace techie, Matthew, bought me an app to do away with those blasted spammers and so I am willing to put myself out there again to get this writing down and out on the airways. (Of course my dog is growling at me for not taking her for a walk, so that I must do, and this blogging will have to wait yet and still.)

It’s a bummer having spam. It’s like all of those negative forces in our lives…the critics–the boyfriends/girlfriends, teachers, parents, who mean to tell us what they think and shut us down instead. We, all of us, need to boot those spammers out of our lives. Find someone to help if we don’t know how to do it ourselves (Matthew and the app). Just don’t let the naysayers stop you. I will be blogging much more now, so spammers: beware.

Cheers, from our new how in New Orleans–MVD

2 thoughts on “Spam Bites. And I Ain’t Talking Hormel

    • Phil Joubert.
      Wow bftp! We did leave Rockaway at the perfect time, of course, we’re in New Orleans which makes us more prone to hurricanes, but it’s a culture that knows how to evacuate! Hope you are well. Sorry it took nearly a half year to get to you. I’m back.

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