Traveling Red Chair Gets Me Moving

H3.9350 DrybrushBeen working on other people’s blogs–Sandy Johnson, my client and innkeep at Hilltop House Bed & Breakfast asked me to art direct and write blogs through her Red Chair Travels event. I am so pleased with pushing myself to post pictures and write 6 entries in two days, that I want to BLOG!!!
IMG_1109I need to do this to sharpen my skills, Steinbeck style. Write every day and share with the world or your friends or anybody. Sandy’s B&B is great. It’s up where we lived in Amenia before moving to New Orleans where we are now. Here are some of the photos I A/D’d long distance for HTH. If you want to catch my writing–in Sandy’s name–it’s the red chair ones. Been good for me to get going on this.K4.2horses9626L5.incar9530blog